Anthony Vippond, CEO of Lotus Energy is bringing disruptive technology to the renewable energy sector

Lotus Energy Co-operative

May 17, 2019

Anthony Vippond is the CEO and cofounder of Lotus Energy, a blockchain based company that aims to create a disruptive technology for the renewable energy sector. The world today is facing an energy crisis, with the depletion of non-renewable energy sources. These fossil fuels costly and more harmful to the environment. There couldn’t have been a better time for someone to use the power of innovative blockchain technology for creating a project that supports the renewable energy sector.

Anthony Vippond has established The Lotus Energy Transfer Network, with a mission to create the most comprehensive, community-owned clean energy generation, energy transfer and energy storage network in the world. Their aim is to supply consistent, affordable, clean and renewable energy directly to the communities all over the globe, as well as enable third-party energy generators worldwide to interconnect power on the network. This technology will allow the communities to generate real profits from tangible assets generating clean, renewable energy.

“I support a decentralized world, which is free from control of major power companies and government manipulation. Our LET-Net Platform is built on blockchain technology and powered by smart contracts is here to bring an energy revolution that will empower the communities, for the generations to come. It will support the sustainable and renewable energy sector to make it more accessible to people worldwide,” says Anthony Vippond, CEO of Lotus Energy.

The Lotus Energy Project will utilize solar energy integrated with decentralized battery storage via a carefully built system, controlled by the communities and not the major corporations, reducing the cost to the consumers. The patent-pending LET-Net Platform is powered by Lotus Energy Photon Tokens, that are integrated with the blockchain and distributed ledger technology. The excess generated energy is transferred via LET-Net both for community use and into Lotus Energy cryptocurrency mining operations.

Lotus Energy provides its services to all residential, industrial and community sectors. It has partnered with trusted manufacturers of solar PV equipment including the Solar Edge, Fronius, Jinko Solar and Canadian Solar. All the installers and designers are Clean Energy Council accredited and highly experienced. Lotus Energy has begun their token sale. The first phase of private presale opened on 8th May and the second phase will open on 8th June while the public presale will open on 8th August and the final public sale will open on 15th October.