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Lotus Energy is changing the global energy market with a different approach to energy.

Lotus Energy is one of the world’s fastest growing organisations; backed by renewable assets, including solar, data mining, battery storage, electric vehicle charging, and waste to energy with revenue paid to unit holders.

Be part of it.

Solar powered.
Cloud connected.

How Lotus Energy works.
‍Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity that then travels via a power converter for use in the home. Any excess power goes back into the main grid.

Store, manage, sell your own power.
Energy providers buy this excess electricity at an agreed price and Lotus Energy sells it back to the grid at peak rate.Take charge.

All energy sold back to the grid on behalf of Lotus Energy will redeem.

The Power of
Solar Power.

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Power generated
Megawatts generated today
Solar Panels installed
Panels in operation
Co2 Offset
Carbon Dioxide offset emissions per day

Looking to the future.


This is our History

Fidelity is a CMS Webflow template

January 2019
Wongamar Solar Farm

Approved by Cootamundra Gundagai Council for Solar Farm

Commenced development of LET-Net

May 2019
July 2019

Lotus Energy moved into a

Pick My Project, Lilydale Lake Dog Park

Lotus Energy completes community lighting project at Lilydale Lake

August 2019
March 2020
Major Private Energy Network to be Built in Ethiopia

Delegation meeting with AEAE, EFFORT Group in Ethiopia to discuss potential renewable energy project

Lotus Energy signs with EFFORT

Lotus Energy signs the world’s largest renewable energy deal with EFFORT Group. Contract is to design, build, own and operate a Private Energy Network, a minimum of 500MW Solar, 1,000MW Battery/storage and 1,000tonnes/day waste to energy plant

June 2020
September 2020
Lotus Energy Recycle Plant Opens

Purchase of recycling machinery for Australia's first solar panels recycling facility

Part of a larger

Lotus Energy was founded in Melbourne in 2017. From the very first it was our goal to make renewable energy an easy and profitable choice and an investment that solves economical as well as environmental questions.

We are, in short, creating an energy revolution.