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AUG 20, 2020

Major Private Energy Network to be Built in Ethiopia

Lotus Energy Pty Ltd

Australian based Lotus Energy Co-operative has entered into an alliance with Ethiopian endowment fund EFFORT Group for the development of a Private Energy Network (PEN)...

JUL 12, 2020

Lotus Energy's Recent Solar Projects

Lotus Energy Pty Ltd

Lotus Energy has established itself in the large scale solar sector being our largest division in the company. Some of Lotus Energy’s more interesting projects include...

JUN 15, 2020

Recycling of Solar Modules – Here are the Options

Obton News

Studies show that it takes 1–2 years for a solar park to offset its own climate footprint. But what happens with the actual solar modules when they are no longer operational. Here are your answers by Robin Hirschl ...

JUN 08, 2020

Green Energy Company Lotus Energy Eyes Mega Project in Ethiopia

Angela Macdonald-Smith - AFR

Community-owned Australian outfit Lotus Energy Cooperative has scored what it is billing as the "world's largest renewable energy services contract", involving a highly ambitious ...

MAY 17, 2020

Lotus Working on Vehicle-to-Grid Technology

Liam Murphy - CarAdvice

English sports car maker Lotus has partnered with Centrica plc – parent company of British Gas, the largest energy supplier in the UK – to develop what could be vehicle-to-grid technology ...

MAY 13, 2020

See How Legendary Williams Is Bringing F1 Electric Battery Expertise To Road Cars

Nargess Banks - Forbes

Behind every company is a specialist firm inventing cutting-edge technology. One such organization is Williams Advanced Engineering. Based in the UK, the specialist group ...

FEB 27, 2020

DigiMax Adds Australian Renewable Power Company Lotus Energy as Active Client

AccessWire, Yahoo Finance

DigiMax Global Solutions (DIGI.CN) is pleased to announce that it has officially commenced its consulting efforts with Lotus Energy Cooperative ("Lotus Energy"), based in Melbourne, Australia ...

FEB 21, 2020

Blockstation Builds Disclosure Tool for JSE

Durrant Pate - Jamaica Observer

Blockstation, a Canadian digital asset trading firm has built a fast-track disclosure filing process for companies hoping to list security tokens on the Jamaican Stock Exchange ...

JAN 30, 2020

JSE Readies to List Tokenized Companies

Loop News Jamaica

Four companies out of Canada, Australia and Trinidad and Tobago are finalizing their prospectus to list on the virtual market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) ...

JAN 29, 2020

Four Companies to List on JSE Digital Market by June

Karena Bennet - Jamaica Gleaner

Jamaica should see its first set of companies trading digital assets on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, JSE, by mid-year through a platform powered by partner company Blockstation ...

MAY 27, 2019

India to play a pivotal role in Lotus Energy’s peer-to-peer energy transfer and optimised community grid networks

Anthony Vippond, CEO Lotus Energy Co-operative

From the very start of planning to establish Lotus Energy Co-operative as a global clean energy enterprise we recognised that India might come to be the most important ...

APR 16, 2019

Lotus Energy Co-operative to Establish its First ‘Optimised Community Grid’ at Cootamundra

Anthony Vippond, CEO Lotus Energy Co-operative

Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council has granted Development Approval for a 12-megawatt solar farm on the southern outskirts of Cootamundra which is predicted to provide a major boost for the town both in greatly reduced power costs and increased employment...

APR 11, 2018

Redflow - Our Partner for Batteries

Lotus Energy is proud to be partners with industry leaders and innovators. Redflow is a world leader in energy storage, the vital component for the next stage of the renewable energy revolution. Redflow produces small 10kWh zinc-bromine flow batteries.

MAR 04, 2019

Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council has approved Lotus Energy Co-operative’s application to build a 20 hectare PV solar farm

Tom Gosling, Cootamundra Herald

A development proposal to build a 20 hectare solar farm on the southern outskirts of Cootamundra was approved unanimously at the recent meeting of Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council...

JAN 24, 2019

Lotus Energy Co-operative submits development application for 12 MW PV solar farm at Cootamundra

Tom Gosling, Cootamundra Herald

A proposal to build a 20 hectare (45 acre) solar farm on the southern outskirts of Cootamundra has been submitted to Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council. The farm, estimated to cost $8-9 million and comprising 36,000 solar panels is proposed...

JAN 12, 2019

Danish Renewables Investor Obton Enters Australian Solar Market

Lotus Energy is proud to officially announce the partnership with Obton a major Danish renewable energy company. Obton together with local companies Lotus Energy Cooperative and Torus Group Electrical have announced a signing of a joint venture agreement to develop large scale solar photovoltaic systems in Australia.

DEC 05, 2018

Lotus Energy Signed a Contract for a 50Mw Solar Farm

Lotus Energy has signed a contract for a 50Mw solar farm in Tomerong with the traditional land owners of the land known as In-Ja-Ghoonji. This marks the first major project with the local aboriginal community. #bepartofit #bethepowercompany #powertothepeople #fairdinkumpower #proudlydifferent

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MAY 11, 2020

Solar PV Installation for JR Hammer

View the installation of the Solar system at JR Hammer's factory. Location: Thomastown, Victoria Australia 3074. Project details: 249 of 400w Seraphim Solar Modules (99.6kW total). 3 of SolarEdge SE27.6K Inverters. 1 of SolarEdge SE17K Inverters. SolarEdge P850 Optimisers.

NOV 13, 2019

Lighting Up Lilydale Dog Park

See how solar is powering a better future! Through the Pick My Project, Lillydale Lake Dog Park was able to get solar lights with battery back up (off-grid) installed. The park caters to hundreds of people and their furry friends every day.

JUN 06, 2019

Installation of the Solar system at the newly built Knox Children & Family Centre - Bayswater

99.9kW Solar system with Jinko Solar 303 x 330w solar modules, Fronius Australia 3 phase Inverters, Redflow Battery solution of 180kW with 18 of 10kW ZBM2 batteries and Victron Quattros 6x 15va Inverter chargers.

JUN 04, 2019

Meet Rick Vippond Head of Renewable Energy

With 50 years experience, Head of Renewable Energy, Rick Vippond, tell us why he is passionate about renewable energy.

JUN 02, 2019

Meet Micheal Sevo, Head of GL

Meet Head of Global Logistics, Michael Sevo. Michael speaks from the heart when describing the satisfaction you get from being a part of Lotus Energy.

MAY 29, 2019

Meet Lizzie B, Lotus Energy Investor

Say Hello to Lizzie B, Lotus Energy's Investor. Lizzie shares with us why she is a proud team member here at Lotus Energy.

MAY 29, 2019

Meet CEO Anthony Vippond

Here's what CEO Anthony Vippond of Lotus Energy has to say about the importance of renewable energy.

MAR 31, 2019

Transforming World's Energy Market - My Interview With Anthony Vippond

Interview With Anthony Vippond - Co-Founder and CEO of Lotus Energy. Lotus Energy exchange for the transfer of energy globally is our unique product solution. Quality is super important and as a renewable energy provider.